Jim Metzler “live” in recital at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France on 13 June 2004.

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Hilaire Belloc calls the dons that taught him at Oxford «The horizon of my memories— / Like large and comfortable trees.» I can apply that expression to the friends of my parents whom I knew as a small child. Since we moved often when I was growing up, there are many who form the horizon of my childhood memories whom I have seen only rarely since. There is something wonderful about meeting those people now (or even just reading their writings), and being able to know them in quite a different way than I did as a child.

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The Order of Memory is the Order of Being

by Thomas Bertonneau


“This is the third in a sequence of three essays examining aspects of reality from a Traditionalist perspective. The two previous essays took as their topics education and its relation to faith; and, the other, revelation and its relation to reality. The present essay, “The Order of Being is the Order of Memory,” assumes the conclusions of the two preceding essays, which it rehearses briefly in the first paragraph.”

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The Structure of Reality is the Structure of Revelation

by Thomas Bertonneau


“This essay follows a previous one on the relation of education to faith; it is the second of three essays intended to critique the prevailing modern worldview of the West’s ubiquitous liberal regime by demonstrating the narrowness and insipidity of liberal views. I argued in “The Structure of Education is the Structure of Faith” in favor of several pre-modern ways of viewing education. I rehearse that gesture again, this time in respect of the prevailing modern sense of the encompassing reality in the context of which people must live their lives. A third essay, following this one, will deal with memory considered as an institution.”

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The Structure of Education is the Structure of Faith

An article from teacher and Orthosphere author Thomas Bertonneau entitled, “The Structure of Education is the Structure of Faith”, appearing in the Brussels Journal.

“This is the first in a series of three essays intended to critique selected aspects of the prevailing modern worldview of the West’s ubiquitous liberal regime. In the present essay, I am interested in the prevailing modern view of education; I argue that various pre-modern ways of understanding education address their topic with a good deal more penetration than that achieved by the modern view, which tends to insipidity. In a follow-on essay to this one I will address the question how revelation is related to reality; a third essay will devote itself to a discussion of memory considered as an institution.”

For fans and aficionados of Organ music, this is another wonderful discovery– not because organ lovers have never heard of Charles Tournemire, but because it is difficult to find a full set of his great musical cycle — L’Orgue Mystique– in one place.  That is, until I discovered “The Mystical Organ” youtube channel:

“Charles Tournemire’s huge cycle L’Orgue Mystique (written 1927-1932) is a collection of two hundred and fifty-three works for the liturgical calendar of the Catholic church as it was in his time as Organiste Titulaire of the church of St Clothilde in Paris, from 1898 to his death in 1939 (his predecessors were Gabriel Pierné and César Franck; amongst his successors was Jean Langlais). They are all based on the Gregorian chant for the day.”

The following  “from the Cycle de Noël, is the ‘Fantaisie’ for the end of Mass at Epiphany. Performed by Georges Delvallée on the 1880 Cavaillé-Coll organ (4/61, 72 ranks) in the Cathedral of Saint-Croix, Orléans.”

Following up on my recent posts on Joachim Raff, my current favorite of the recent discoveries actually belongs to a work by a little known polish composer and conductor named Mieczyslaw Karlowicz (11 December 1876 — 8 February 1909).  The work is a symphony in E-minor, Op.7, called “Rebirth Symphony”, written in 1902 when Mieczyslaw was only 25 years old.  Tragically, he died in an avalanche while skiing only a few years later at 32 years old.


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