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The hope of the classical is that ugliness is never the last word.  It is implicitly redemptive because it manifests, through beauty of expression, that whatever is not beautiful can be ultimately transfigured.

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Make It Right House With "Damaged" Roof

A strong polemical article published in Forbes on the state of contemporary architecture, by Justin Shubow (fellow Tradarch Listserv contributor and President of the National Civic Art Society).

The above article is in response to the recent debate played out between the published opinion of co/authors Steven Bingler and Martin Pedersen found here, and that of Aaron Betsky found here (within the New York Times and Architect magazine respectively).


Joel Pidel:

Some thoughts on modernist and traditionalist architecture from fellow Tradarch Listserv author, Michael Rouchell

Originally posted on The TradArch Blog Experiment:

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The current state of architecture is in decline, and has been for the last 75 years or so.  It is the result of a collective decision by architecture schools to abandon the teaching of classical architecture in lieu of the new modernism, despite the fact that the early modernist masters, Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Adolph Loos, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others were all trained as classical architecture before their pursuit of abstract architecture.  I can’t fault the design exploration of these early architects, but the decision to abandon all prior wisdom and knowledge was a poor one.  The thinking of the time was that this new architecture was so extraordinary that there would never be any need of a historical style revival from then until perpetuity, and therefore no need to continue teaching classical architecture in the schools.  They could have looked at a timeline of the past…

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In Memory of Pa. Requiescat in pace.


Timeless Beauty: Conservatism’s Modernist Problem

Link to my recently published article at the Public Discourse, in response to a previous article therein.


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