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My recent discovery of many great but lesser-known composers from the turn of the century was very simply initiated by searching for the music of Josef Rheinberger, who had composed a Mass setting which was to accompany a Sunday liturgy.  In browsing youtube for his music, I came across a channel called Unsung Masterworks.  Eureka!  I can’t recommend this youtube channel highly enough for those who are interested in freely exploring the state of classical music around the turn of the century. Perhaps the title Unsung Masterworks was meant ironically since most of the music posted was instrumental rather than vocal.  But it was a treasure trove of great works by off-brand composers, nonetheless.  This was the search that led to my discovery of Joachim Raff— whose Symphony 7 I posted yesterday– among many others.

Before moving on to posting some of these works by other composers, here is another of Raff’s seminal works, his Symphony 5, entitled “Lenore”.