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A few years ago, I came across a lecture series by Leonard Bernstein while looking for various recordings of Mahler’s 9th symphony on youtube.  Willy nilly, I found in his first lecture an amazing analog to the classical orders of architecture in his elucidation and demonstration of notes on a scale and their natural (tempered) harmonic relationships.  I ended up purchasing the  6-part dvd collection but thanks to my friend and mentor, Michael Djordjevitch, later discovered these lectures in full on youtube rather than as small segments.  I hope you’ll find them as interesting and thought provoking as well, even if not sharing in total agreement in all aspects.  They are a wonderful introduction to music in  their own right, even if prevailing theories in subsequent years have proved the particular  theory espoused therein less than water-proof.
The Unanswered Question, the 1973 Bernstein Norton Lectures :
1. Musical Phonology:
2. Musical Syntax:
3. Musical Semantics:
4. The Delights & Dangers of Ambiguity:
5. The XXth Century Crisis:
6. The Poetry Of Earth:
Omnibus: ABC — Bernstein on ‘J S Bach’