For those unacquainted with the text from which this blog title is drawn (H.U.v. Balthasar’s “Theological Aesthetics, Vol. I: Seeing the Form“), the focus of this blog is an exploration of the “beautiful” in its multitudinal meanings and manifestations, with aesthetic coordinates set on that particular splendor of form found in architecture.  However, so as not to delineate my aims either too narrowly or too myopically, I should leave myself ample wiggle-room by claiming a degree of intellectual independence from both the scope and specifically theological agenda of the amazing volume that comprises the namesake of my blog, and from which I have drawn much inspiration.  My interests are simultaneously artistic, cultural, political, philosophical, and theological, and so the content will purposefully reflect these divergent but overlapping interests.  Of course, all that I write I humbly present to my public audience with the hope that fruitful discussion and commentary will ensue, not only for the sake of my own continued intellectual formation, but for the universal purpose of developing an ever-deepening appreciation and experience of beauty in all of our daily lives; to live with ever-greater wonder before the surfeit of Being.