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Timeless Beauty: Conservatism’s Modernist Problem

Link to my recently published article at the Public Discourse, in response to a previous article therein.

Heiliger Dankgesang

Beethoven’s Op 132, 3rd mvmt, performed by the Quartetto Italiano from what my ears tell me. The best performance of this movement. Ever.

The Conquest of the Bride | Hans Urs von Balthasar | From  Heart of the World

Copied from http://www.ignatiusinsight.com/features2007/hub_heartoftheworld_jan07.asp

My  kingdom is invisible, but I want to establish you, my Bride, before the eyes of  men so visibly that no one will be able to overlook you.  I want to raise you up like the brazen serpent in the desert, like the rock against  which hell itself is dashed to pieces, like Mount Tabor over whose peak the shining  cloud hovers, and like the Cross that casts its shadow over all lands — the  blazon of my victory in failure.

I want to establish you upon iron foundations,  and your structure is to be a true and distinctive sign that I am setting up a  memorial to myself upon the earth. You will be my witness to the very edge of  the world, a witness that I was in the world, and I will not forsake you until  the end of time. You will be a sign of contradiction among the peoples, and no  one will even as much as whisper your name, O my Church, without shuddering. Over  you men will have to part their ways, for many will love you and squander everything  for you, but very many will hate you, and these will swear an oath not to rest  until they have exterminated you from the land of men. And you will be despised  like no man or thing, except myself, has ever been despised on earth. They will  stand in line for the privilege of spitting in your face, of wiping off on your  garments the mud from their shoes.

On all walls they will scrawl caricatures  of your mystery, and in the bars, writhing with laughter, they will sing obscene  songs about you. They will set you in the pillory and, after they have bound and  gagged you, they will accuse you of every vulgarity and demand that you wash yourself  clean. No means will be left untried to bring you under suspicion and every  one of your shortcomings will be inflated to monstrous proportions. You will know  hard times, nor will there be any assigned place for you. Wherever the path seemed  to lie open before you, you will, before long, find a landslide and a roadblock,  or perhaps a wall.

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Best available “youtube” version of this piece for 23 strings, particularly when coupled with the slideshow. Of course, if Levine’s recording was available, that would be another story…

Emil Gilels plays Beethoven. ’nuff said.


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